10 Best Mattresses 2019

 Find Mattress Reviews & Comparisons Including the Best Rated Memory Foam, Latex, Proprietary Foam and Hybrid/Innerspring Mattresses Along With Coupons & More.

#1 Saatva Luxury Mattress
Editor’s Choice!

saatva logo
5 stars
Founded in Austin, Texas and based in New York, Saatva is the #1 Rated Luxury Hybrid Mattress available today. Made in the USA with extra coil-on-coil support, topped with a cushiony pillow top and soft cotton cover. Luxury at a reasonable price… Read Review

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Saatva Products

#1 – The Saatva Luxury Mattress
#2 – The Lineal Adjustable Base
#3 – The Solaire Mattress (New! Like Sleep Number)
#4 – Saatva HD (New! For Heavy People, 300 – 500 lbs)

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#2 Nectar


Nectar Mattress
5 stars
Best Value!

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The popular Nectar memory foam mattress provides firm support due to the multiple layer design including gel foam and a cooling Tensel cover. Support and cool sleeping comfort… Read Review
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#3 Avocado Green Mattress
avocado mattress logo
man on avocado mattress
5 stars
Want natural materials? Latex is produced from trees! The Avocado Green Mattress is a top quality latex hybrid mattress designed with individually wrapped support coils. A luxury hybrid made in the USA with eco-friendly, natural materials… Read Review

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#4 Luft Mattress
luft beds logo
Luft Mattress in bedroom
5 stars
100’s of spring coils along with the latest gel infused memory foam provides firm support and cool sleeping comfort. The Luft Mattress Company has been making quality mattresses for over 60 years.. Read Review

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#5 Brentwood Home
brentwood home logo
brentwood home mattress
5 stars
Handmade in L.A. these mattresses represent the California culture and luxury lifestyle. Spring coils with choice of gel memory foam or natural latex, Brentwood Home has the top quality design that you need… Read Review
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#6  Boll & Branch
boll and branch logo

boll and branch mattress in bedroom white and grey

4.5 stars

Long known for their luxurious sheets, Boll & Branch have recently entered the foray of mattresses. As with the many other products that they make, their mattresses are made from only the best materials designed to deliver aRead Review

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#7 Purple Mattress
Purple Mattress logo
New Mattress by Purple
4.5 stars
Purple has 2 mattress options. The original Purple Mattress made of their unique layers of foam and the All New Purple Mattress with responsive support coils added to the foam base…
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#8 Loom & Leaf
loom and leaf logo
loom and leaf mattress layers
4.5 stars
Loom and Leaf is the memory foam brand of Saatva, the online mattress leader. Organic cotton cover with cool gel breathable memory foam along with a layer of naturally cool proprietary foam with no off-gassing…Read Review
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#9 Zenhaven
zenhaven logo
zenhaven latex
4.5 stars
Zenhaven is the latex mattress brand. Their 100% pure Talalay Latex “5 Zone” Comfort Layer provides unique support where it matters most. This is topped by a layer of breathable wool and covered with organic cotton. Unique design, reasonable prices and white glove delivery.

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#10 Layla Mattress
layla logo
layla mattress
4.5 stars
The Layla Mattress stays cool with copper. Copper is infused into the memory foam to absorb heat, providing a cooler sleeping mattress. Great for side sleepers and people with back pain, the Layla Mattress is a 2 in 1 firm and soft mattress. Flip the mattress for the level you want…
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The 4 Main Mattress Designs

Memory Foam 

memory foam

Innerspring & Hybrid Mattresses

saatva mattress layers of materials, coils, foam, memory foam

Latex Mattresses

latex mattress material

Foam Mattresses

Unique Foam Materials From Purple
Unique Foam Materials – Purple

Best Mattress Brands 2019

Editor’s Choices  

Saatva, Luft & Nectar

For Specific Types & Needs

Affordable Luxury –  Saatva  –  Brentwood Home

Back Pain – SaatvaAvocadoPurple or Luft

Pressure Relief – Avocado, Saatva, Luft, or  Purple

Couples – Luft,  Saatva, Avocado or Helix

Memory FoamNectar

Cooling, Next Generation Memory FoamNectar, Aslan, Brentwood Home,  2920 Sleep

Innerspring – Luft,  Saatva

Hybrid – Luft,  Saatva,  AvocadoDreamCloud

Best Bed In A Box – LaylaAslan

Best High-End MattressBoll & BranchSaatva

Best Budget MattressNectar, Aslan, Layla

Best Precision Adjustable (Like Sleep Number) – Saatva Solaire

Best Mattress For Heavy People (300-500 lbs) – Saatva HD


Need Bed Size Dimensions?

infographic mattress bed sizes dimensions

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