Boll and Branch Sheets: Best Sheets Ever?

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a great night’s rest and a pivotal part to making sure that you can enjoy that each night is by buying a set of quality Boll and Branch sheets. 

With all of the seemingly identical ads telling you that theirs are the best, it can be overwhelming when you want to sort through all of the noise to find the real deal.  If you’re searching for a helping hand, you’ve come to the right place in these high-quality Boll & Branch bed sheets.

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What Are Boll and Branch Sheets?

At first glance, Boll & Branch sheets are just sheets.  But when you educate yourself about them, you’ll find that they are a lot more than that. 

These high-quality sheets are one of the best options in shopping for organic sheets that are designed and manufactured responsibly in the commercial world.

More specifically, Boll & Branch sheets focus on upgrading every step of the commercial process.  It starts with sourcing their materials – organic cotton, as a base – from responsible places.  Farmers who work exclusively in cotton textiles are the first go-to for cotton harvesting. 

These farmers are responsible for upholding fair trade requirements for their employees.  They also must be focused on organic cotton for a positive environmental impact.

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Once the cotton is responsibly harvested, it is spun into cotton fabric and then sewn into sheets.  Each step of this process is carefully monitored and, again, focuses on employing local people and paying them fair wages for their efforts. 

Every detail of the production process is carefully perfected, even in the dyes used in both fabric and thread.


All together, Boll & Branch is about changing the future of homewares for the better.  All of their products can be traced back to their very roots of the cotton plants on their farms so that customers can see what goes into the sheets they are purchasing.

  Unlike a lot of the big-name brands, which also use chemicals and sweatshops for labor, customers are encouraged to learn about every step of the design and manufacturing process before and after purchase.  You’ll find that everything is above board.

What Thread Count Are Boll and Branch Sheets?

Boll & Branch sheets are single-ply for a lightweight sleeping experience is going to be silky soft.  The sheets themselves are woven with a four-over, one-under design that is going to be stronger and much more durable for long-term enjoyment and use in your home. 

The thread count for the sheets is 300.  As you’ll learn, however, the thread count is just one of the determining factors to quality sheets.  These sheets are as good as they are due to their focus on lightweight, cushiony soft cotton that is going to outperform even higher thread count sheets.

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The sheets have 12” deep pockets in the design of the fitted sheet so that even the tallest mattress is going to be able to use these sheets without having to worry about a corner popping up, or the sheet being too taught to be comfortable overnight.

The cotton has GOTS certification, meaning that all steps of the supply chain for these sheets meet very high standards for both ecological and social requirements.  In this way, you know that you are going to be putting your trust in a company that is dedicated to helping the world move into a better future.

How Do You Clean Boll and Branch Sheets?

As with anything high quality, Boll & Branch sheets do take a little more care to make sure that they hold up over time and use in your home.  This will help you to make sure that you are properly caring for the sheets that you are purchasing.

In washing Boll & Branch sheets, you should use cold water for colored sheets, and warm water for white or natural, dye-free colors.  The two should not be mixed, especially in warm water, to protect the sharpness of the colors. 

When drying, you should use a low-medium heat on a dryer, or hang to dry if preferred.  You can also iron the sheets with a warm (never hot) iron if you are going for a wrinkle-free, crisp look. 

Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid bleach and fabric softeners with these sheets, as the organic cotton is often too delicate to hold up to it.  In your choice of a detergent, a biodegradable liquid detergent with no scent is the best option for protecting the quality of the sheets over time.

Folding your sheets also has a specific process to protect their corners and edges, though it is most specific with the often-dreaded fitted sheet.  The sheet should be laid flat on a bed or clean flat surface. 

With the elastic pointing up and pulled into a rectangle shape, fold the sheet into thirds several times until you’ve got a tight rectangle.  Do it with the flat sheet as well and then slip the set (along with pillowcases) into the provided storage bag.

What Are The Best Sheets To Buy?

Many people say Boll & Branch. There are a lot of good sheets out there, without question.  But, when you want sheets that are going to offer you all of the perks possible without you needing to dig deep into secrets, these are your best bet.  When you buy Boll & Branch bed sheets, you’ll get:

Responsibly farmed and harvested

Cotton that goes into careful, quality-checked production for a final professional result in the complete set of sheets. 

Environmentally Minded Producers

A set of sheets that is coming from producers who are doing everything in their power to reduce global emissions, including their low footprint for sheet production.

Durable Fabrics and Construction

Durable, long-lasting sheets that are going to be lightweight for a relaxed sleeping experience while still keeping you warm in the colder seasons.

Variety of Colors and Patterns

Your choice amongst a selection of colors and patterns so that you can get the right set of sheets for every bed in your home.

Production Transparency

The chance to support a company that is doing everything in its power to provide transparency and support to all aspects of the manufacturing and production process.

Free Shipping

When you purchase Boll & Branch bed sheets, you’ll be choosing to support an eco-friendly, responsible company that is going to do its part for the world. 

You’ll also be investing in a durable, professional, and comfortable set of sheets so that you can enjoy a better night’s sleep each time that you use them. 

All things professional, these sheets are a must-have for better sleep every single night.