My Pillow Review 2020

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MyPillow Review

MyPillow Classic Series Pillow Review

My Pillow is the result of years of searching for a pillow that provides the right amount of support. The man who developed this amazing pillow is Michael Lindell and his story is very inspirational. As he was not able to find a suitable pillow to help with his own back problem, he set out to develop one of his own.

MyPillow Classic Series Pillow

The secret to the My Pillow Classic pillow is it’s unique, patented interlocking fill material. The fill is made using a process developed by Michael Lindell. The uniquely made fill material provides an unequaled amount of support for your neck, which allows you to get a good night sleep. With a good night sleep, it turns helps to combat daytime fatigue, which is commonly caused by sleeping on a pillow that provides inadequate support.

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Another key to the success of My Pillow is that the cover material is extremely soft and comfortable. The My Pillow Classic Series Pillow is 100% washable and dryable. This also helps to keep the interlocking material inside from becoming flat and losing its shape. Currently, every My Pillow is Made in the USA by many of its 1600-plus employees in their manufacturing plant in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Key Features of My Pillow

● Patented interlocking fill for maximum support and comfort

● 100% machine washable and dryable

● Reduces snoring and daytime fatigue

● Sleep studies have proven its effectiveness

● 100% Made in the USA


Advantages of My  Pillow Classic Series Pillow

● Unique foam fill resists flattening with regular washing and drying

● Covered in an extremely comfortable, launderable fabric

● Comes in two sizes; standard/queen and king

● Self-adjusting inner fill that won’t go flat


Disadvantages of My Pillow Classic Series Pillow

● You will need to let it air out just like with many foam mattresses

● These pillows are a bit on the expensive side

My Final Thoughts

The story of My Pillow is an interesting one with its inventor Michael Lindell and how he brought his amazing pillow to the masses from his small manufacturing facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2004, after years of trying to find a decent pillow to help with his aching back, he developed his own, My Pillow.

The secret of pillow design comes from its patented fill material. The unique interlocking foam filler material will not go flat and with regular laundering (totally washable and dryable) to should easily last through the 10 year warranty10-year. The ultra-soft cover material helps to keep you cool as you are sleeping.

Unlike typical memory foam based pillows that crush a flatten out over time, the interlocking foam material provides unequaled support and will not flatten out. That means you will be able to enjoy a good nights sleep for many, many years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about Michael Lindell and his amazing story and would like to find out where you can go to get your hands on his My Pillow. Just simply click here and it will take you there.



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