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Saatva Mattress Luxury Firm Review

saatva mattress review

Saatva Mattresses

Why buy a Saatva Mattress?

  • The Best reviewed mattress 2019
  • White-glove delivery + free mattress removal
  • 120-day home trial
  • Luxury comfort at an affordable price

Welcome to our Saatva Mattress review. Saatva has been in the business of making quality luxury mattresses since 2010. Saatva is known for their luxury mattresses and affordable price points. We have included several images of their mattresses in our review in order to express the sense of quality and lush comfort that Saatva Mattresses are known for. 

The Saatva Classic is a luxury innerspring mattress and is shown here in this picture by the ocean. Loom & Leaf is the Saatva memory foam mattress brand and it also is in our top 10 best mattresses list for 2019. 

saatva mattress reviews

The price for the Saatva Mattress Queen comes in at $1,099. and the bonus is that this mattress comes with a free white-glove delivery plus free mattress removal. We love this and so do Saatva customers. Who wants to mess with getting rid  of an old mattress, let Saatva do it for you and they will.

Saatva also guarantees that their bed is environmentally friendly, composed of environmentally-friendly materials which guarantees users a friendly and short-lived new mattress smell.

Saatva mattresses are uniquely-designed innerspring beds composed of two coil layers (#1 & #4) below a high-density memory foam layer (#3) and euro-pillow cover (#5). The base is composed of a pocketed coil layer (#4) and above it is a layer with individually wrapped coils (#1) anti-sag edge support on the perimeter (2) and finally topped by a memory foam layer (#3). The coil-on-coil support and a reinforced edge allows for better body contouring than ordinary innerspring beds.

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Saatva Classic Luxury Firm – Layers

Layer #1 – Individually Wrapped Comfort Coils
Layer #2 – Perimeter Edge Support, Anti-Sag
Layer #3 – Lumbar Support & Pressure Relief
Layer #4 – Steel Coil Base Support
Layer #5 – Organic Cotton Cover & Euro Pillow Top

Saatva mattresses come in three types of firmness to accommodate most types of sleepers. These are Plush Medium Soft, Luxury Medium Firm and Firm. Saatva offers free delivery and is one of several direct-to-consumer mattress sellers making Saatva an affordable mattress option.

Saatva 3 Firmness levels

Saatva 3 Firmness Levels

Saatva adjustable split beds

Saatva Adjustable Split

Positive points for the Saatva mattress include:

  • Saatva mattresses is made up of eco-friendly materials that include bio-based foam and recycle steel. The cover is made of organic cotton.

  • The strong reinforced edge and coil-on-coil construction results in better body contour and support. The company also supports multiple user types with multiple thickness and firmness options.

  • The mattress is strong and bouncy enough for the trials of rigorous sex or active and playful kids.

  • Saatva offers an extensive 120-day sleep trial which often ensures a purchase.

  • Saatva also offers free delivery, flexible warranty periods and strong customer service.


  • Compared to other mattress brands, Saatva mattresses have a relatively average durability, resulting in a shorter lifespan.

  • The coil-on-coil construction unfortunately affects its weight and overall portability. It would be difficult to move the mattress from room to room.

One thing is sure, it’s hard to find any Saatva Mattress bad reviews. This is our favorite luxury innerspring for 2019. The Saatva Mattress Luxury Firm is in our top two mattresses for 2019 because of the quality of materials

Also, the coil-on-coil construction results in a higher than average profile of 14.5”. People of diminutive stature will have difficulty getting on and out of bed unless they employ a lower bed frame. We love the Saatva Mattress! Our favorite Luxury Mattress for 2019 is Saatva!

Saatva White glove delivery

Free White-Glove Delivery & Mattress Removal

Wondering where to buy a Saatva Mattress in 2019? 

The Ultra-luxury Saatva Mattress is sold exclusively online. Made in the USA and based in Westport, Conneticut, Saatva has offices in Austin, Texas, Norfolk, VA and New York, NY. They have available financing if needed and their 120 day try it at home  trial make this an easy choice with hundreds of thousands of happy Saatva customers.

Saatva Mattress review

Saatva Luxury Firm

You want to be sure and get that free white-glove delivery and free mattress removal. Every visitor from our website to Saatva gets the free bonuses. The Saatva Mattress coupon is activated for you from our website.

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