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Original – Queen $1149.
Purple Hybrid – Queen $1699.

Why Buy?

– Pressure-reducing
– Sleep Cool
– Motion-isolating

Is The Purple Mattress Good For Back Pain?

Due to its unique materials, pressure relief, and support, we say yes. Both the original Purple mattress and the New Purple Mattress with supporting coils are on top of our list for the best mattresses built for support and pressure relief.

You may have seen the Purple Mattress commercials where they put an egg on the mattress and drop something on it and the eggs don’t break. The current ad has a guy with eggs strapped to his back and he is lifted up and dropped on the Purple Mattress and the eggs strapped to his back don’t break.

But wait, they then replace the Purple Mattress with a memory foam mattress, drop the guy with eggs and you can guess what happens, the eggs on the memory foam break. The point, this secret, unique purple foam created by NASA scientists is softer and better to sleep on the memory foam. It’s a fun commercial and very effective for sales. 

Just imagine two brothers with aerospace and manufacturing backgrounds coming together and creating a mattress. That’s what happened for creating the Purple Mattress with a pressure-relieving polymer layer of a foam base.

After much success with their products in the past, Tony and Terry Pearce decided to focus on the mattress industry. Purple is well-known for its scientific approach and marketing schemes. It’s close to impossible to miss their famous egg text drops raw eggs onto the mattress underweighted glass without breaking a single egg.

Purple mattress Review - Original Purple Mattress
Original Purple Mattress
Purple Mattress Review - The New Purple Mattress with layers
The New Purple Mattress With Supportive Coils

Reasons You Will Love Purple

Purple Mattress Review - Unique Purple mattress foam material

Reason #1 – Looking For Pressure Relief

Their Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ top means it has a fast response time to movement has been scientifically designed to offer pressure relief to any area of your body. Their brand is known as “World’s First No Pressure™ mattress.” If you suffer from back pain or if you are a side sleeper and suffer from shoulder and hip pressure, this should be excellent news to your ears.

Reason #2 – Looking For A Versatile Product

Purple works beautifully with almost all sleep styles. It helps with pressure relief and support while providing a medium level of firmness. Couples can have two different styles for a great night’s sleep.

Reason #3 – Looking For Coolness

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ grid is temperature neutral while promoting excellent airflow.

Reason #4 – Purple Mattress Construction

The Purple Mattress has a gel-like top, foam base, and is 9.5-inches tall. It is compressed and rolled up into a bag and then ships directly to your door. The package conveniently comes with handles so you can easily transport it to the room you wanted it set up in.

This mattress works well with just about any foundation but if needed, the company offers its own platform base and adjustable power base that you can find on their website.

The white knit cover has some padding and is a viscose (used as the basis of manufacturing rayon fiber), polyester, and Lycra blend. It holds up well against tugging and pulling and, when needed, can be easily removed for cleaning but it is not machine washable.

Purple Mattress Reviews

Right now at the beginning of 2021, there are over 114,000 verified Purple Mattress reviews from customers on the Purple website with the product that they purchased also listed, such as Purple Sheets, Purple Mattress, Purple Pillow, Purple Seat Cushion.   https://purple.com/

Purple mattress

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For added comfort and support, it is manufactured with 3 layers.

The first layer is Purple’s Signature 2-inch Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ that they call “pressure-erasing”. This layer is extremely durable for protecting the other layers below and is extremely comfortable. To evenly distribute weight, the structure will release and equalize pressure across the grid. If the pressure does not need to be released, the grid holds it upright to provide support.

Purple mattress 3 layers

The second layer is 3.25-inches of medium-soft polyurethane foam which acts as a comfort layer while creating a smooth transition from the top to the base layers.

The third, or base layer, is 4-inches medium-firm support made from polyurethane foam which gives the bed shape and is extremely durable.

Purple Mattress’ Support

Purple’s firmness level feels slightly different which depends on the sleeping position and the weight of the person sleeping on it. We rated this mattress as a 6 in firmness, 10 being the firmest. It’s in the medium range of firmness which is actually quite versatile and therefore caters to the largest range of people.

woman laying on purple mattress support

The cover is very soft to the touch and is breathable. When pressing down on the mattress, their Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ grid is its most outstanding feature. When pressing down even further, will reveal the foam layers below.

The materials will gently contour to your body when you are lying down. Its cradling ability depends on the position you are sleeping in. Those who sleep on their sides will sink further into the mattress versus those who sleep on the backs or stomachs. This is because the gel-like grid interacts with your pressure points.

The memory foam responds very quickly when pressure is applied and released, unlike slow-releasing foams and repositioning is very easy.

Purple Mattress’s top layer is excellent for a range of sleeping positions. The material will buckle or release in heavier areas. It’s column structure evenly supports other areas that do not need relief from pressure.

Purple now has NEW MATTRESS available with COIL SPRINGS

New Purple Hybrid Mattress With Coils

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