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Luft Mattresses
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Luft Mattress Company is one of the oldest and largest independent mattress manufacturers in the US. For more than 60 years they have been making mattresses for both adults and kids using the latest technologies and craftsmanship in the factory located in Wisconsin. They use only the finest quality materials and they are crafted by a team of artisans that have a combined 600 years of mattress-making experience.

Luft Mattress in bedroom

Their mattresses are all created using the latest comfort and support technologies that make them one of the best mattresses on the market for adults and children. They offer several different options for adults to be able to get a better nights sleep.

Key Features of the Luft Mattresses

● Contains hundreds of individually wrapped coils

● Configured in several different zones (5 or 7 depending on firmness level)

● Mattress covers made with a unique 360-degree stretchable fabric for better comfort

● Multiple layers of gel infused or adaptive foam depending on firmness level required

Luft Mattress Models

Luft Mattress hand Crafted

Hand Crafted Mattresses

Luft manufacturers a number of different products for both adults and children. The mattresses for adults are available in three different firmness levels depending on your sleep needs.

Luft Adult Mattresses

Luft Mattress

Plush Multi Sleeper

The Plush Multi Sleeper mattress was designed for delivering comfort, support, and a cooler nights sleep. Whether you are looking for relief lower body joint pain or you are a side sleeper, this moderately firm mattress will make your sleep much more enjoyable. The combination of the multi-layers of gel memory foam keeps you cooler and the extra 2” of graphene-infused premium foam helps to relieve pressure points in the hips and shoulders. The mattress also has a base of nearly 1000 individually wrapped coils configured in 5 different zones.

Luxury Firm Multi Sleeper

The Luxury Firm Multi Sleeper mattress was specially designed for couples, side, back and stomach sleepers alike who are needing some additional support. The extra support comes in the form of a 2” layer of adaptive memory foam. The mattress features 1000+ individually wrapped coils that are configured in 7 different zones to help provide a strong base for the mattresses support. The mattress is topped with a 1” layer of graphene foam designed for temperature reduction.

Firm Sleeper

The Firm Sleeper mattress is the firmest mattress they sell and it is for those who normally sleep on either their back or stomach and have lower back or lumbar pain. The Firm Sleeper features more support in areas of the lumbar which includes innerspring coils that are configured into 7 different areas. They added 2” of graphene-infused memory foam for additional support and cooler temperatures as you sleep. The innerspring support system is topped with layers of adaptive foam for extra support. The mattress is covered in a comfortable 360-degree stretchable fabric for extra comfort.

Luft Child Mattress

little luft mattress for kids

Little Luft Mattress

The Little Luft mattress is designed especially for the youngsters in the family. The Little Luft has hundreds of lighter individually covered coils that are designed for lighter bodies. They add layers of Serene Foam™ on the top surface of the mattress that conforms to the body of a child. The use only natural fire retardant materials instead of toxic chemicals and they only use low VOC foam that does not give off harmful fumes that are common with memory foam mattresses on the market. The mattress is covered in a 360-degree stretch fabric for added comfort. 

LUFT Hybrid Mattress

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