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Layla Mattress Review: 3 Benefits of Copper

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Benefits of a Layla Mattress?

The Layla Mattress can be flipped to give you two levels of firmness in one mattress. Our review found that the copper-infused memory foam in this two-sided bed offers targeted pressure relief for sensitive areas of your body. The average pressure points of the shoulders and hips are cradled for various positions and sleepers. The support system of the Layla mattress is beyond adequate. Using a higher density polyfoam, we believe the mattress is very durable and offers long-lasting support.

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2019 Layla Mattress Prices

TWIN: $499
TWIN XL: $599
FULL: $799
QUEEN: $899
KING: $999
CAL KING: $999

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The two firmness levels are built-in to the mattress so you can choose the medium/soft side with softer pressure or the firm side for greater support.

Copper-Infused Memory Foam

We believe the copper-infused memory foam offering greater coolness along with the bed’s versatility, it’s a great bed at a really good price.

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Keeping Things Cool With Copper.

Copper is the second-most conductive element in the world. That means thermal energy (a.k.a. heat) sticks to it like a magnet. Infused into our cooling memory foam mattress, copper acts like a little team of hardworking nice guys who pull the extra heat away from your body. This keeps you from breaking into a sweat every night (nobody wants to see what that does to a mattress over time). A copper cooling mattress keeps you cozy and lets you sleep like a temperature-controlled log.

No Pain, No Complain.

A little body pain can quickly turn you into a…well, let’s just say it’s hard for anyone to be at their best when they’re stiff and sore. We get it. So we designed the Layla Mattress with layers to support your body evenly, no matter your sleeping style. It’s intended to give you a well-aligned spine, non-strained muscles, and better circulation, for a more comfortable (and pleasant) you all day long

Layla Mattress For Couples

The Pros:

The design allows you to flip it over for two different levels of firmness.

Close conforming for the relief of pain and pressure

Good motion isolation

Lower price

Free shipping in the contiguous U.S.

Non-prorated Lifetime Warranty

The Cons:

The potential for off-gassing from the material

Fair edge support

Flipping the mattress can be a little difficult

Mandatory two-week break-in for the sleep trial


Any Layla Mattress Complaints? 

Answer – Hardly any! Over 3000 verified reviews  With free shipping, a great mattress, lifetime warranty and positive Layla mattress reviews, we continue to recommend the Layla mattress for 2019.

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