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Helix mattress reviews

Why Buy A Helix Mattress?
– ColorMatch Technology

Variable Firmness, this means each sleeping partner can choose the firmness level they want because there can be two levels, medium firmness for one sleeper and firm for the other sleeper on the bed
– Hybrid Mattress Design
– Sleep Cool

Welcome to our Helix mattress review. Maybe one partner likes a soft bed, where another enjoys a more firm mattress to sleep on. If so, this is something to consider.

One of its main selling features is the fact that it has variable firmness on either side of the bed, allowing each partner to get that quality night’s sleep even if it’s different than their partner’s needs.

Helix Mattress questionnaire, helix mattress review

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The Helix Website Questionnaire

Using a questionnaire, a couple will be matched with the perfect mattress under the Helix umbrella and this will happen with the use of information such as sleeping position preferences and weight amongst other factors.

The results will lead the couple to the perfect mattress that will fit and suit their needs.

The Helix mattress – regardless of which one chosen – is going to be made from a blend of polyfoam and memory foam.

These mattresses come in varying thicknesses and varying firmness for a couple of all shapes and sizes to enjoy comfort. In situations where partners prefer different firmness levels, some mattresses allow for dual-firmness settings.

Helix mattress questionnaire

In combination with the dual firmness settings mentioned, the other main perk of this mattress is the fact that it is intended specifically for those who need noise isolation.

Ideal for light sleepers, this mattress features free shipping for customers in all 50 states as well as an added perk.

Last but not least, the mattress is priced competitively to help show customers that it is, in fact, an option for them. Check out the Helix mattress website for prices and further info.

If you like what you’re reading, but you’re still hunting for something that is going to be a bit more tailored to you and your needs, as custom as they may be, you’ll be happy to learn that Helix offers a custom mattress as well.

It can be direct-to-customer like so many beds inboxes are, and it will be custom to your needs in firmness and comfort.

Visit – https://helixsleep.com

By using a similar questionnaire to the one mentioned, but more in-depth, you’ll be able to nail down all of the tiny details with the questions and get matched with the perfect option for your sleep needs.

Helix mattress Helix LUXE mattress

Helix Luxe Mattress

If looking for a blended firmness instead of going for one side being for person #1 and the other side for person #2, the questionnaire will take the carefully collected information and create a mattress with two firmness preferences in one.

This is great for those who want to share the whole bed or who don’t necessarily want to sleep on the same side each night.

To add more to the equation with Helix, you can also choose a mattress that will give you variable options in terms of firmness as well as a whole separate line for your needs if you are heavier, larger, or bigger than the average person.

This is perfect for acknowledging the fact that your needs aren’t going to be met the same way as someone who weighs, say 150lbs.

Helix Midnight! Brand New!

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Helix Midnight Luxe mattress

By boldly offering a line of mattresses for those who need a bit of extra support and extra foam blend to go along with it, it allows everyone to be comfortable and acknowledged in their needs for quality, a decent price tag, and the dignity of working with a brand that truly gets it.

The Helix brand and its options are great for:

  • Sleepers of all kinds (back, stomach, side, etc)
  • Sleepers of all shapes and sizes (from small to large)
  • Sleepers with pain or discomfort that needs to be helped

Check out the Helix mattress website for prices and further info.

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