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DreamCloud Mattress Review: Affordable Luxury Today

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DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

dreamcloud mattress review - dreamcloud mattress in bedroom

Welcome to our DreamCloud mattress review. People who love the DreamCloud mattress say it’s the best, most comfortable mattress available. This hybrid mattress meets all our expectations for quality. It offers eight different layers of comfort and support, and the company uses all the best materials. Our DreamCloud mattress review gives the pros & cons and links to our DreamCloud Mattress coupons.

The cover is made from tufted cashmere that provides excellent airflow and gel memory foam in the upper comfort layers. It is designed to promote a cooler night’s rest. Below is a mixture of memory foam and latex layers which means you get better quality comfort materials than excel beyond most hybrids.

The DreamCloud has multiple foam layers for this medium-firm feel with no tugging or contouring. If you want to sink into a mattress, this is not the one for you. The pocketed coil support will keep you in place all night long, which is perfect for those who sleep on their backs.

DreamCloud Mattress Review


Cashmere is known as one of the softest, most luxurious material in the world due to its incredible softness, costly production process, and extreme scarcity. Sheared from the soft undercoat of goats bred to produce a wool that is already softer than the softest sheep’s, you can think of Cashmere as the crème de la crème of wool.

The goats come from select regions, which mean that each year approximately only 6,500 metric tons of pure Cashmere are produced (compared to 2 million metric tons of sheep’s wool around the world). As if that wasn’t enough, the fibers of the goat’s soft undercoat must be separated from a coarser protective top coat during the spring molting season to get the nicest Cashmere.

This is a very labor-intensive process, often involving hand sorting and combing each hair. Since it takes the hair of more than two-goats to make a single sweater, you can imagine how much Cashmere is needed to make a hand-tufted Cashmere blend bed cover.

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DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Review Pros & Cons

The Pros:

Luxurious construction at an affordable price

Easy to move around and very lightweight

Free deliveries within the contiguous 48 states

A 365-night sleep trial and Lifetime Warranty with minimal fees for owners.

Financing available through Affirm


The Cons:

Availability of sizes is limited

Weak edge support

It’s firmer feel is not for some people and their comfort zones


DreamCloud customer reviews

Customer reviews are fantastic. Their 365-night trial keeps the buyer very happy. If you are interested in the current price and where to get a DreamCloud mattress, visit their website and order online. Check our coupon page for a DreamCloud coupon.

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