Brooklyn Bedding Review 2021

brooklyn bedding mattress review

Brooklyn Bedding, Best Mattress Ever?

Many people think they are. In our Brooklyn Bedding review, we will showcase each of the different mattresses including their hybrid mattresses which come with a variety of material options such as foam, memory foam, latex, and coils. Mattresses by Brooklyn Bedding are a great choice for a good night’s sleep.

This brand has six comfortable mattress models available to choose from. Most of the models can fit everyone’s mattress preference as some like their mattresses firm for rustic sleepers and can support some vigorous activity, some medium for those who like neither soft or firm and soft models for those who want a sense of intimacy even when alone.

Brooklyn Bedding’s selections include Aurora, Bowery, Bowery Hybrid, Spartan, Bloom Hybrid and the Signature 

brooklyn bedding review, aurora

Brooklyn Aurora

A 13 ½” thick hybrid mattress. The Aurora has a high-density pocketed coil and polyfoam base layer and a top layer made of a phase-change material that helps with temperature regulation and additional memory foam layers that offer deep conforming.

brooklyn bowery review

Brooklyn Bowery 

Is the sole medium-only mattress in this selection as it’s made from mixed foam with no pocketed coil base layer and is only 10” thick, thus making it more affordable and portable.

Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid

Like its all-foam namesake is 10” thick but is a hybrid with a pocketed coil layer. This affordable version is aimed at heavier sleepers.

brooklyn bowery hybrid review

Brooklyn Spartan

Is a 13 ½” thick hybrid mattress like the Aurora. It’s made up of several foam layers composed of standard polyfoam, gel-infused foam and copper-infused polyfoam supported by an 8” pocketed coil and hi-density polyfoam base. This mattress is aimed at physically active individuals and is designed to promote physical recovery from body aches and pains.

brooklyn spartan review

Brooklyn Bedding Latex Mattress – Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid

Is for those who like mattresses with a cooler feel. The soft layer is made of 3” Talalay latex with organic cotton and Joma wool cover and is supported by a pocketed coil base.

brooklyn bloom hybrid Mattress reviews

Brooklyn Bedding Signature

And finally, the Signature is another hybrid mattress with a pocketed coil base topped by soft layers of standard polyfoam and gel-infused polyfoam with a quilted foam covering

brooklyn signature mattress review

Brooklyn Bedding’s six choices and price points allow sleepers to choose their comfort at price points they can afford. They also offer discounts for first responders, military personnel, teachers and students and offer free shipping for mainland US.

Unlike other manufacturers, Brooklyn Bedding only offers a 30-day sleep trial. The hybrids are quite heavy and difficult to transfer and finally, users should be aware of extended off-gassing.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress reviews are great and here are the reasons why. Free shipping for delivery and returns if needed. The 120-day trial, 10-year warranty and because it ships easily in a box, most customers buy online.

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