Boll and Branch Mattress Review 2021

Boll and Branch Mattress

Boll and Branch Mattress Review: Sleep is essential to our health, and no one knows that better than the people at Boll and Branch. Long known for their luxurious sheets, they have recently entered the foray of mattresses.

As with the many other products that they make, their mattresses are made from only the best materials designed to deliver a great night’s sleep.

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The Boll and Branch Mattress

Boll and Branch are a privately held company that is primarily known for its high-end sleep products including; bed sheets, linens, and luxurious bath towels.

They are mainly an online retailer and sells their products from companies e-commerce website.

Despite only being around since 2013, Boll and Branch have developed quite a reputation for offering only the most luxurious sheets, blankets, and pillows.

“The Mattress” By Boll And Branch

They recently added mattresses to their product offerings, and like all of their other products, they use only the best materials and high-quality artistry in every mattress they sell. 

They jumped headfirst into the mattress making industry as a next logical step since their business is centered around the bedding. Their first mattress product is known only as “The Mattress,” but it is nowhere near plain and straightforward.

They created the perfect mattress that combines multiple high-end technologies called “hybrid” and materials to deliver a fantastic bed.

What Is Meant By “Hybrid” Mattress?

For a quick answer, a hybrid mattress is a mixture of 2 or more support materials such as memory foam and innerspring coils.

Mattresses have gone through many different transformations over the years. As new sleep technologies are developed for providing a better night’s sleep, manufacturers have been quick to make improvements.

This true today, with the development of memory foam. The use of foam as both a supportive material and also for comfort.

Mattress by Boll and Branch

However, many of the mattress companies have still recognized that you cannot beat the support provided by springs. So, what companies like Boll and Branch have done was to create a mattress that combines the best of both technologies into a hybrid configuration.

By using multiple coiled springs at the base of the mattress, they can create special comfort zones that add extra support at different points of the mattress.

Then they add additional layers of specialized foam to add extra layers of support and comfort at the surface of the mattress. This hybrid design also helps to improve air circulation to keeps you cooler as you sleep.

That mattress is topped off with a beautiful, comfortable cover that creates the perfect experience.

The Mattress Was Born

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In 2018, Boll and Branch decided that they were going to take their business to the next logical step and enter the mattress business. With that, Boll and Branch introduced all of its customers to “The Mattress.”

Their new mattress is like all of the other products that they sell, ultra-luxurious, and made of only the highest quality materials.

It features a hybrid design of both coiled springs and foam to deliver needed support and comfort. They settled on a mixture of dual layers of individually wrapped coils of two different sizes, two layers of foam, and topped off with a layer of wool and poly blend.

Each of the layers offers an unprecedented amount of support and comfort that combines for an unmatched sleeping experience.

The unique layered construction helps to provide all of the needed support, comfortableness, and coolness that everyone wants these days. The five layers of its structure are all unique in what they have to offer the final result.

boll and branch mattress review: mattress layers

5. The base layer of coiled inner springs 

Its foundational springs are where it all begins for The Mattress. It features hundreds of individually wrapped coil springs that deliver stability and support from edge to edge.

They are also designed to help prevent weight shifting and prevents you from disturbing your partner if you move around in your sleep. The individually wrapped coils also help to improve airflow and circulation.

4. The second layer of micro coiled springs

The second layer of micro springs adds another two thousand individually wrapped coils. These coils add extra spinal support and also adds additional cooling. With the second layer of springs, they were able to add more targeted support for those who suffer from severe back issues.

It also helps to bolster the foundational layer of springs just underneath it.

3. A natural latex foam layer 

They use naturally sourced latex foam in all of their mattresses. Since it is made from natural materials in Connecticut, you will like that it is much more eco-friendly when compared with alternatives.

The Talalay Latex that is used in making the Mattress is free from the annoying odors that are commonly associated with many of the other types and brands of foam.

2. Graphite-infused foam layer 

Latex foam is still the most preferred of all materials for mattress making. However, there has been a very successful innovation recently, and it involves infusing the latex with a special compound.

This compound is supposed to boost the cooling effect of the foam. The mixture is called graphite, and it seems to be quite popular. Boll and Brand add a whole layer of this graphite infused foam on top of its usual latex foam.

1. Wool-poly blend layer 

To top it all off The Mattress has a final layer of wool and poly blend. It adds a fantastic amount of comfort and an additional amount of cooling.

The highly breathable material is incredibly soft, and it gives the feel of sinking into it while not affecting the overall support.

My Final Thoughts

It is not surprising that Boll and Branch decided to jump into the mattress market as they have been selling high-end bedding online since 2013. They started primarily with bed sheets, pillows, linens, and bath towels. However, they recently decided to begin offering mattresses on their e-commerce websites.

The Mattress is a hybrid style mattress that combines the best benefits of inner springs and memory foam. The two together complement each other and deliver unparalleled support, comfort, and coolness. It fits in with all of their many other bedding products.

Included with each purchase:

Free Shipping & Free Removal Of Old Mattress
Free White Glove Delivery To Any Room
100 Night Trial & 10 Year Warranty

If you are looking for a great mattress, click here to get more information on the Boll and Branch Mattress. 

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