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The Aslan Gel Memory Foam Mattress


Great Value & Customer Satisfaction!

Aslan Mattress Review. This is one of the BEST reviewed mattresses in 2020 and 2021. Their almost zero returns say a lot about this Next-Generation Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

What more can a sleepy mattress-hunter ask for? An affordable mattress made out of high-quality memory foam, free returns, an infinite warranty, a whole 365-night trial, and everything made in the USA sounds too good to be true, but it exists in the Aslan mattress.

Aslan GEL Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

The Aslan mattress is a medium-firm foam mattress composed of three layers of foam infused with the most modern sleep technology; designed to provide both comfort and support and aptly named after the benevolent, strong yet soft-spoken lion ruler of the fictional kingdom of Narnia.

Made for Selling Online

Everything is sold online these days, and strangely, more and more people risk product uncertainty for the convenience of purchasing something with a few clicks and waiting for the product to arrive.

For small items, this is relatively okay, but the risk of product failure and defects increases as the product gets larger, and the price gets higher. But the Aslan mattress has accomplished a great deal as a purely online product.

Unlike other beds waiting to be tested and inspected in retail stores, the Aslan mattress is designed to be sold online.

Customers, therefore, expose themselves to risks when purchasing as they don’t get to see nor try out the product until it arrives at their home and gets set up.

Aslan knows this, and that’s why they provide a safe 365-night trial to guarantee each customer is 100% satisfied with their purchase, or they can return the mattress and get a 100% refund.

Aslan Mattress A Decade of Development

Remarkably if Aslan’s reviews on their website are to be believed, we think they are, Aslan mattresses have a 99% satisfaction rate and an almost zero return rating.

A great accomplishment since the purchase of beds and mattresses often involves customer inspection at stores. Online sales only work best if the quality is present at the beginning.

365 Night Trial

As mentioned, Aslan mattresses are designed to be sold online without actual customer inspection and trial. The trial actually happens at home after purchase, for an astonishing 365 whole nights. Aslan gives customers 365 nights to decide if the mattress is good enough or has to be returned for a full refund.

Aslan Mattress Built For Athletes

Aslan has experienced very few returns of their product since the company started in 2006. The mattress is comfortable enough out of the box, but the company also requires that the mattress has to be tried out for at least 50 days which is the average time for the body to be accustomed to a sleeping surface.

Perhaps a clever determining factor to prevent customer returns out of sheer whim. Other reviewers attest to comfortable and refreshing sleeping experiences soon after purchase, which is true enough as the mattress is cool to the touch after set up.

A real pleasure to sleep in on warm nights or afternoons. It is firm, yet comfortable enough to sleep in any position that having a pillow is optional.


Aslan’s success is attributed to its foam technology. It’s made up of three layers of high-quality foam. The first layer is made out of memory foam infused with beaded gel and phase change material (PCM) technology.

The beaded gel allows for better temperature regulation making the Aslan one of the coolest mattresses available while the phase change material reduces the incidents of pressure points.

Aslan GEL Memory Foam Mattress

The second layer provides some additional cooling and bounce as it’s made out of next-generation memory foam (NGMF).

The kids love the bounce, and this layer provides a high pressure-relieving index. Suitable for all body types and complemented by the active support foam beneath.

The third and thickest layer is the Active Support Foam, which is both durable and adaptive that provides comfortable spinal alignment over time.

This simple layer structure prevents the mattress from being used the other way around, but that’s just nitpicking. Many users attest that this three-layer combination not only provides them a good rest but alleviates the pain of those with muscle and bone conditions.

The beautiful mattress cover meanwhile is made of breathable material that’s designed to prevent heat buildup.

Aslan Mattress Foundation
Aslan Mattress Foundation

Plus, all materials and assembly are done in the US, which dispels any doubts about quality. 100% US-made from seed to stitch. The last things a person needs before and during sleep are doubts and anxiety.

And lastly, Aslan mattresses are made with environmental-friendly non-toxic materials.

No ozone-depleting ingredients, no PBDE, TDCPP, and TCEP flame retardants, which makes the bed more flammable than it should be so fire-safe households should be ready.

No mercury, lead or heavy metals that can be inhaled during sleep, no formaldehyde, and very low volatile organic compound emissions.

Aslan Adjustable Bed

Aslan Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable bed
Aslan Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Bed

Shopping And Shipping

Aslan mattresses are available at their website with regular promotional discounts on what’s already quite affordable. Discounts, when available, are already applied on checkout.

However, their products do not seem to be available elsewhere like Amazon, thus limiting Aslan’s range of customers beyond the reach of their marketing.

Then again, their limited range of customers allows them to provide quality after-sales service, including personalized written notes from the company’s founder.

Their shipping scheme, as displayed on their website, is often spot on with next-day door-to-door delivery in the vicinity of Atlanta, Georgia. Orders can be tracked with a tracking number right after check out.

The website’s ordering system is simple and straightforward, and best of all, shipping is free.

The mattress arrives compressed/packed; thus, it makes it easy to take to the bedroom and set up. It’s versatile enough that it can be used on the floor, on the current mattress foundation whether it’s foam or coil. It can be used on adjustable as well as on platform beds.

Owners need to be careful about where the bed is set up, as stipulated on Aslan’s unlimited warranty. It should not be set up on a surface with a 5” hole or gap, nor should it be used on surfaces with protrusions.

Aslan also offers its mattress foundations, beds, and pillows to complement the mattress, all available on their website, or order a complete bedding system that their service crew would be happy to set up for you.


Aside from the full 365-night trial period, Aslan also offers a good warranty package. Customers are treated to a remarkable 10-year full coverage warranty where the mattress can still be replaced should it remain relatively undamaged but considered ineffective or defective.

After the first ten years, the mattress will go under service in case of any problems. Replacement is charged 50 percent of the price after the first ten years.

It’s a considerably good warranty package even though one can expect the mattress’s life to be about five years or so.

Aslan Mattress Prices & Sizes
Aslan Mattress Prices And Sizes – Mattress Is About 10 Inches Thick

For all the benefits described above, the pricing is quite reasonable and comparable to other brands. Prices start at $499 dollars for their 38×75 inch Twin Size.

A king-size mattress will set you back $899 dollars. Aslan mattresses are a good 10-inches thick but easily manageable in compressed form when they arrive at the door.

 Customer Reviews Very Positive


Check out the reviews, click “Aslan Mattress” on their website, and scroll.

In Summary

In summary, the Aslan mattress could be the best in its class of medium-firm foam mattresses. It’s manufactured by a family-owned company more concerned with quality over quantity, not to mention it’s 100% composed of and made in the US.

The packaging is okay, and the shipping time is spot on. The mattress composition is just as described on the website, and the combination does provide a comfortable, relaxing lie-back that often leads to good sleep.

Thanks to their promotional discount, the pricing is manageable, and the purchase is worth it. There’s almost no need for the 365-night trial usage and ten-year full warranty coverage unless the mattress somehow suddenly collapses, which looks unlikely.

Nonetheless, the trial returns and warranty policies are almost unbelievable. The Aslan mattress is not a premium bed by any means, but it sure is comparable to one.

If there’s one drawback here is that not everyone can experience this mattress unless they stumble into it on the web or refer to it by someone else, as this mattress is directly sold only from the Aslan Mattresses website.

It’s not available in Major retailers unless Aslan has partners not mentioned on their site. If you’re yearning for a medium-firm Queen size bed under $700. and a good night’s sleep, consider Aslan mattresses, we think it is the best mattress for the money right now.

We have selected the Aslan Mattress for our Best Mattress Delivered In A Box for 2020 because of their outstanding customer reviews, feedback, quality of customer service, and of course, their product, the Aslan mattress.

As we mentioned, the Aslan Mattress is made with the best quality materials. Other brands charge double for these mattress materials. Aslan’s outstanding reviews, warranty, and near-zero returns are reasons we like the Aslan Memory Foam Get Mattress. They get our vote for a great mattress to buy in 2020!

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