Top 3 Best Mattresses For Sex

Based on – Responsiveness, firmness & bounce


Our top 3 picks for the best mattress for sex.

Responsiveness, firmness, and bounce play a big part here.

#1 – Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

Brooklyn Aurora Review

As mentioned in the Bed Type Review, it’s good to know the properties of good beds of respective types for useful reference. Bounce is one of those properties and is a must for sexually active couples. The Brooklyn Aurora is a hybrid bed known for a good bounce. Bounce allows for quicker changing of positions during sex.

The bed’s hybrid design prevents sleepers from sinking too low into the bed thanks to its support coils and quick-responding layers of foam that easily allows either partner to adjust. The foam layers also allow for pressure relief. The deep bounce comes from the innerspring coils.

The Brooklyn Aurora has three levels of firmness to choose from making it a flexible choice for sexually active consumers. The bed is also very cool as it’s designed to regulate temperature efficiently. The bed features phase-changing materials such as copper-infused foam that conduct heat away from the body and other materials that make it cool to the touch.

Proper temperature regulation is another aspect that consumers need to know in purchasing their beds, especially in warm climates. Coolness and bounce are great traits to have in a bed, and the Brooklyn Aurora has both.



#2 – Saatva

Saatva Mattress Review

Whether a bed is soft or firm, falling out of it is never a good experience, especially for sleepers that tend to toss a lot. Edge support is another bedding aspect to know when purchasing a new bed. Edge support prevents sleepers from falling off, and it also prevents the bed from sagging on any of its sides. Edge support, aside from comfort cooling is what the Saatva line of mattresses is known for.

Saatva beds are known for their fantastic edge support which the company refers to as the Dual Perimeter Edge Support System. This allows the bed to be used for longer than other beds in the market, as other mattresses tend to sag due to extended use.

This bed also possesses a good bounce thanks to the company’s coil-on-coil design. Coils are wrapped individually to promote higher levels of motion isolation, another essential aspect of bedding. The movement of one partner shouldn’t rouse the other sleeping partner too much. Saatva beds evoke a feeling of luxury thanks to its high-tier features but at low cost.

That low cost includes White Glove Delivery and free setup. The mattresses aren’t compressed during delivery like other brands, a practice that keeps the foam firm and the edges secure.



#3 – Layla

layla mattress

Layla Mattress Review

A usual complaint with old and cheap innerspring coil beds is noise. It’s difficult to sleep when every movement of the body results in the grinding of metal cand partners find a hard time keeping their intimate activities private, let alone distracting, especially when living in close quarters with kids.

The Layla line of beds is unique as such noises are virtually absent. The Layla’s design promises no grinding of metal, just rustling of sheets.

The Layla line of beds is specially designed to reduce noise. The mattresses are double-sided with layers of memory foam on both sides. The memory foams reduce noise, as well as relieves pressure points. The foams are also copper-infused, meaning the bed can conduct heat away from the body, making the bed feel comfortably cool and relaxed.

Layla beds are available in medium-soft and firm firmness levels, thus allowing soft-loving or firm-loving couples to enjoy the bed’s features. Layla beds are firm, cool, and relatively noiseless. Couples are sure to have an enjoyable experience, sleeping or otherwise.


Rating Criteria & Factors

Mattress responsiveness, bounce, noise level, durability, firmness, and support.