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Most people will agree that getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things that you need to make sure that you’re operating at your best at all times.

That means that you need to have abed that both you and your partner can agree comfortable and compatible with their various needs, even if both partners may differ on what, exactly, those needs may be.

For those that are light sleepers, having a mattress that is motion isolating is critical. For those that had different preferences for firmness, having a bed that can support variable firmness depending on the side is vital.

Whether you’re looking to buy a mattress that is ideal in comfort for sleeping, watching TV, sharing intimate moments, or directly serving your support needs all around, there are a lot of options out there. So, how do you choose?

A lot of mattresses now offer a trial period where you can sleep on a bed for up to 90 nights and then return it to the store if you do not like the results. This way, you can determine whether the mattress is going to suit all of your needs properly.

But, still, how do you know where to start? To help you out with your mattress hunt, we’ve put together a carefully crafted list with all of the best options out there to help you determine what the right one is going to be.

This list will give you a solid step in the right direction to finding the right mattress for you and your comfort.

Helix Mattress

Maybe one partner likes a soft bed, where another enjoys a more firm mattress to sleep on. If so, this is something to consider.

One of its main selling features is the fact that it has variable firmness on either side of the bed, allowing each partner to get that quality night’s sleep even if it’s different than their partner’s needs.

Using a questionnaire, a couple will be matched with the perfect mattress under the Helix umbrella, and this will happen with the use of information such as sleeping position preferences and weight amongst other factors. The results will lead the couple to the perfect mattress that will fit and suit their needs.

The Helix mattress – regardless of which one chosen – is going to be made from a blend of polyfoam and memory foam.

These mattresses come in varying thicknesses and varying firmness for a couple of all shapes and sizes to enjoy comfort.

In situations where partners prefer different firmness levels, some mattresses allow for dual-firmness settings.

In combination with the dual firmness settings mentioned, the other main perk of this mattress is the fact that it is explicitly intended for those who need noise isolation.

Ideal for light sleepers, this mattress features free shipping for customers in all 50 states as well as an added perk. Last but not least, the bed is priced competitively to help show customers that it is, in fact, an option for them.

Check out the Helix mattress website for prices and further info.



Layla Mattress

A mattress that advertises itself as being flippable right off the bat, the Layla mattress is an excellent option for those couples that are looking for a quality investment.

This mattress is built to last with quality materials and features unique firmness on one side (medium-firm) and extra firm on the other. This is what makes it such a great mattress.

Change your firmness only by flipping it over, and then back again when you need something a bit more relaxed in terms of firmness. Due to the need for flipping, this is going to be lightweight for lifting, too.

With proper memory foam in place to offer support and comfort where it is most needed, this mattress is perfect for those, especially, who need help with sore muscles or joints.

This will relieve pressure on those painful parts and help you wake up feeling refreshed. When you want an even surface for enjoying a comfortable sleep, the firm side will be ideal.

Both sides offering excellent noise cancellation as well as movement isolation for light sleepers, this mattress will be the ideal penny-pinching option due to its low price tag and high-quality craftsmanship included with the memory foam. This is recommended for:

  • Sleepers of all kinds (back, stomach, side, etc.)
  • Sleepers of all shapes and sizes (from small to large)
  • Those who have pain or poor circulation

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