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What Are The Best Mattresses For Back Pain?

Mattresses with a firmness level of medium-firm and distribute body weight evenly, thus reducing pressure while sleeping. Here are four mattresses that we like,

Beautyrest PressureSmart®
Saatva Luxury Firm
Avocado Green Mattress

Best Mattress For A Bad Back = Mattresses With Proper Support & Pressure Relief 

To maintain your health and well-being, it’s vital to choose the best mattress for your back pain.  While selecting the best mattress for back pain there are so many options to choose from, so how do you determine which one would be the best choice to help you out?

Best Beds For A Bad Back

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The mattress industry has gone through many changes over the past few years because many companies are now selling directly to customers on the Internet without a middleman.  The upside, it makes their products a lot more accessible.  Even though countless back pain mattress options will help you reach your health and sleep goals, it’s also very overwhelming. 

Best Mattress For Lower Back Pain

We’ve narrowed down to some of our favorite mattresses for back pain and are confident you will find something that gives you the level of support you desire. We are not doctors or medical professionals. We recommend you consult with a doctor for back pain issues. Need a mattress for back pain? Our staff picked the best beds for a lousy back based on their level of support and our personal preferences.

Beautyrest PressureSmart®

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The Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress 3 layers🤔 Best Mattress For Back Pain 2020 6


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The Purple Mattress foam material

Their Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ top has been scientifically designed to offer pressure relief to any area of your body. Their brand is known as “World’s First No Pressure™ mattress.” If you suffer from back pain or if you are a side sleeper and suffer from shoulder and hip pressure read more

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Avocado Green Mattress
Avocado green mattress logo

avocado green mattress coils
Avocado King Mattress = 1414 Support Coils

The Avocado Green Mattress features one of the most advanced, internal, pressure-point support units. There are between 756 (Twin) to 1,414 (King) individually wrapped innerspring — arranged in three strategic zones, to support hips, back, and shoulders, plus a reinforced steel perimeter giving the bed a consistent level of support to the edge

Avocado Mattress Coils
Avocado Support Coils = Distributes Body Weight Evenly For Great Support

Avocado Mattress – On a scale of 1 – 10 (with ten being the firmest) the standard Avocado Green Mattress rates as a 7, which is gentle, yet firm. It’s ideally suited for back and stomach sleepers, as well as lighter individuals and growing children — anyone in need of natural cushioning and medium-firm support.

avocado standard mattress and optional pillow top
Standard & Pillow Top

With the pillow-top option, the mattress rates as a 6. (It is not overly soft, “plushy” or “sinkable.” A mattress that is too soft can cause back pain and restless sleep). Instead, their pillow-top model offers just the right amount of added luxury and buoyant cushioning, all of which is bolstered by strategically zoned back support. Their pillow-top model more easily adapts to your body’s natural curves, and as a result, is ideally suited for side sleepers, all-around sleepers, larger individuals, athletes and those in search of pain relief, pressure-point relief

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The Nectar Mattress


For those who need a medium-firm mattress to relieve their back pain at an excellent price, you should seriously consider Nectar.  This is an excellent choice for those who love memory foam and a high-quality of deeper contouring for more significant pressure relief.

🤔 Best Mattress For Back Pain 2020 7

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This mattress has a quilted cover that combines Tencel Cooling and long, staple cotton which incorporates gel memory foam.  This mattress also has a 3-inch layer of memory foam with medical-grade cooling and a one-inch gel memory foam.  This will regulate the temperature all night and has a luxurious feel to it as well.

Nectar’s mattress is a medium firmness at a very affordable price. With three layers of memory foam over a thick High Vegetable Base Super Core, this is an excellent value.

Also, this is a no-risk purchase because you are given an entire year to try it out.  This will provide you with plenty of time to decide if this mattress is a product you want to continue using for many years to come.  You will also get a Forever Warranty, so what’s to lose?

Brooklyn Bedding

brooklyn bedding logo

Brooklyn Bedding has referred to their Brooklyn Signature bed as BestMattressEver, and there’s a lot to say about that.  It comes in three different comfort levels, Soft, Medium, and Firm.  Our choice is the Firm model for a firm feeling at a medium price tag.

brooklyn bedding mattress

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This mattress is perfect for people who suffer from back pain. They are looking for relief from a firmer mattress but do not want to sink into the bed.  For those who mostly sleep on their backs or stomachs will discover this is an extremely comfortable mattress.  Also, its extra support is excellent for your lumbar region.

Brooklyn Bedding has upgraded their Brooklyn Signature to a hybrid design from an all-foam model to individually pocketed coils in addition to the foam.  While the foam offers some pressure relief, the coils give additional support and make repositioning much easier.

Brooklyn Bedding owns and operates a state-of-the-art factory so they can keep costs down.  This offers significant savings for its customers while providing high-quality.

The Aslan Mattress

aslan mattress logo

The Aslan Mattress has three layers of support, pressure relief, and cooling technology at a very reasonable price. The mattress’s body support, use of pressure relief materials, great positive user reviews and Aslan’s customer satisfaction is why we included them on our exclusive list of the top 5 best mattresses for back pain 2019.

Aslan manufactures their mattresses in Tennessee with Next Generation Memory Foam (NGMF) technology. Check out their website for prices and details.

lady sitting on aslan mattress

Aslan is offering a winter sale right now, $250 off their mattresses.

aslan mattress layers



The Layla Mattress

layla logo

🤔 Best Mattress For Back Pain 2020 8Layla has done an exceptional job of relieving pressure through their memory foam.  If you are someone who enjoys sinking into a mattress and enjoys a slower response time, we believe you will love the feel of this mattress.  It does have two different firmness levels, Medium-Soft and Firm, on each side.  You will get the highest level of pressure relief on the Medium-Soft side, without having to worry about extra firmness.

layla mattress

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Side sleepers greatly benefit from the medium-soft side due to their three-inches of thick memory foam over two-inches of egg crate shaped Air Flow Foam.

We believe that Layla’s pressure-relieving properties are top quality, and their memory foam is infused with copper.  Copper is known for being a great conductor of heat, and therefore you will stay cool all night long because heat will be pushed away.

Because Layla has a dual-sided mattress, you can maximize your 120-night trial by testing the two different levels.


Saatva Luxury Firm – Editor’s Choice

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Saatva Mattress by Ocean


Saatva adjustable split beds
Saatva Adjustable Split


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