Bed Size Dimensions Chart & Guide


Although most online mattress companies give buyers 100+ days to test out their new mattress at home after purchasing, it’s always a good idea to know the exact size of the mattress you need before ordering. That’s why we designed this chart for our visitors.
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(Width x Length)

Bed size dimensions infographic guide

(Width X Length)  These bed sizes are by inches. For perspective, 75″ = 6 feet, 3 inches

Many people go online to purchase beds not knowing for sure the exact size they need to choose. This is understandable, mattresses are kept for several years and we often forget the measurements after buying the last one or we wonder if a larger size will fit nicely in the bedroom.

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The older traditional way of purchasing a mattress meant going to the store and checking the size. But the trend today is ordering online and knowing the exact measurements is important information for mattress buyers. The differences between a King size bed and a California King is easily explained with a chart.

Mattress Dimensions in Feet
Width X Length

Small Twin     2’5″ W x 6′.2″ L 
Twin              3′.1″ W x 6′.2″ L
Twin XL         3′.1″ W x 6′.6″ L
Full/Double    4′.5″ W x 6′.1″ L
Full XL           4′.5″ W x 6′.6″ L
Queen                5′ W x 6′.6″ L

Olympic Queen 5′.5″ W x 6′.6″ L
King Size         6′.3” W x 6′.6″ L
California King     6′ W x  7′ L

Below are the individual bed sizes enlarged. We hope this makes your mattress shopping much easier.

Small Single Size Bed

Small Single  30″ x 75″

Small Single 30″ x 75″ – good for babies and small children.


Twin Bed

Twin  38″ x 75″

Twin 38″ wide x 75″ longthis is suitable for larger kids, teenagers and single adults in small apartments. Mattress of this size are often used for bunk beds in ships, barracks, dorms and guest rooms. For kids, there are no mattress sizes smaller except for small single. What parents need to consider is that when their children grow older, they’ll need to move them to larger rooms or beds, replace Small Single mattresses with Twin as Twin mattresses are made more comfortable. Comfort is paramount as people get older.

TWIN XL Size Bed

Twin XL  38″ x 80″

Twin XL  38” wide x 80”long – there are single kids and adults that are larger and taller than usual and these bed sizes should accommodate them perfectly.

Full size bed 54 x 74

Full  54″ x 74″ 

Full  54” wide  x 75” long – also known as standard double, this is great for single toss-sleeping adults who require plenty of leg room, for single parents with children or singles who sleep with pets, or for couples who don’t require much legroom or sleep in small quarters.

Full size XL

Full  XL   54″ x 80″

Full XL  54” wide x 80” long – same as the above but with extra leg room for taller individuals or couples. This is for individuals who like to live large. Often the choice for hotels that accommodate couples.

Queen bed 60 x 80

Queen  60″ x 80″

Queen 60”wide x 80”long – This is already excessive for single persons but perfect for most couples. This is often the choice for couples that don’t require much sleep space, sleep in smaller rooms and/or have no plans accommodating kids or pets in the short run.

Olympic queen bed

Olympic Queen  66″ x 80″

Olympic Queen 66” x 80” – Slightly wider than King Size. Good for couples with smaller kids or a pet in between. This bed type is also more suited for square rooms while the former is suited for rectangular rooms.


King size bed

King  76″ x 80″

King Size  76”wide x 80”long  Also known as Eastern King, this is a quite substantial bed for couples with enough space for both to sleep comfortably and can accommodate a third person, often a child. This is a pretty large bed recommended only for rooms with a minimum dimension of 12’ x 12’. King size is also recommended for couples with different mattress preferences (firmer or softer). A King size bed can accommodate two Twin XL mattresses in case the partners’ tastes differ. Waking up from a good night’s sleep can be seen as a factor in relationships.


California King

California King   72″ x 84″

California King 72”wide x 84”long  Also known as Western King, this type of bed is slightly longer and narrower than the standard King size. This bed is suitable for taller sleepers. Considering room dimensions, this bed would be perfect for longer and narrower rooms. One caveat of this type of bed is that it’s harder to accessorize with sheets and mattresses.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the correct bed sizes and the size you need, buying a new mattress online or choosing a hotel to stay in should be much easier especially when it’s specified what type of beds are in their rooms. The same goes when purchasing a new home. New owners can consider taking or leaving their current beds or purchasing new ones altogether after knowing the dimensions of the bedrooms.

And then there’s planning for the future, when building or renovating homes, owners can know what size the bedrooms should be according to the size of beds they prefer and who they’re intended for. Individual can plan what beds need to be purchased if they want to stay single, enter into relationships, become married and/or raise a family. And it also goes without saying, the right bed size, the correct amount of space and leg room is important in having a good night’s sleep.

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