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Most people have no real idea on what to look for in mattress designs as many tend to judge mattresses through cost, size, how it bounces, and how they feel. Consumers mostly tend to nod and agree with the sales representative droning on in the background while they test the mattress comfort level with their backs.

This little piece is written to make people understand what the person making that white noise is saying in terms of mattress types and materials and can be highly beneficial in the long run when buying that new mattress.

It’s the differences between materials like latex, memory foam, innerspring, and how they feel separately or mixed.

We want consumers to choose the best mattresses for their hard-earned money and to have a good night’s rest after that hard work earning it. Here is a list of the four main mattress designs, memory foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam
Memory Foam

Memory foam – sounds like it was invented in the past few years, but it has been around since the 1970s within the walls of NASA.

Memory foam is known for its body-contouring properties as it seems to remember the contours of the person it comes in contact with but maintains an absolute firmness that supports the body and relieves some pressure. Memory foam mattresses are now available in various styles and constructions.

They come with multiple layers of hardness and combined with other foam types to give numerous examples of sleepers the ultimate comfort.



Innerspring – is what it sounds like. Beds made up of a set of steel coils covered and padded with layers of material and finished with cool sturdy cotton covering or similar fabric.

Despite advances in technology, this type of bed has never gone out of style and is still preferred by many due to its flexibility, comfort, and level of cooling not present in other types of beds.

Innerspring beds provide the same support as their pure foam counterparts but with better cooling and layered with various foam types, including memory foam.



Latex – like memory foam and innerspring has been around for decades and has become a staple mattress material that provides a comfort level somewhere between the two previous types.

It’s known for its comfortable texture that promotes pressure relief. Latex is also a surprisingly organic material made from the milked sap of rubber trees. Latex mattresses are often built as layers with varying degrees of firmness.

Many latex mattress brands feature different degrees of hardness, bounce, and temperature regulation.


Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattress – is precisely what it sounds like. It’s the mixture of two or all of the previous types described.

This is the mattress type for people who want the contouring of memory foam, the comfort of latex, and the cooling, durability, and bounce of innerspring.

As suggested, hybrid mattresses are built to provide consumers the benefits and experience of the three types combined. Visit – Best Hybrid Mattress

Eco-Terra Hybrid Mattress
Eco-Terra Hybrid Mattress

It’s essential for buyers also to know who these types of beds are made for as one has to consider the use. Will the sleeper be alone or be with a partner? Preferences will not be equal, but one type of bed should be a good compromise or fit for both.

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