A Nice Mattress, Nice Sheets & A Nice Partner: We Compare Dating Sites

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We continue our series on being “mattress prepared” before dating because everyone knows how important a mattress is for couples who spend 1/3 of their life in bed.

Are you single and sleeping in a double/full size bed? Need a mattress upgrade to a queen or better yet, a king? Or did you just end a relationship and want to start over with a new partner and need a new mattress to get rid of that old relationship-lingering smell?  If that’s you, this website and this article could be helpful. We compare the top 4 online dating websites, Match, EliteSingles, eHarmony and OkCupid. After reading this post, visit our best mattresses for couples page.

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One Of The Most Successful, Leading Dating Sites On The Internet!


There are so many dating sites on the internet that we are bombarded with in television ads and online ads. Sifting through all of them can be very time-consuming and challenging. How can you possibly know what sites will deliver what you are looking for without joining every one of them?

Today, we are going to give you our expert opinion about what we consider one of the best sites online for dating. We hope this information will help you choose the best dating site for you!

About Match.com

The dating site Match.com was launched in 1995, is currently active in 25 countries with more than 8 languages and has been leading the online dating industry since its launching. Match.com was founded by Gary Kremen and Peng T. Ong. They were assisted by Simon Glinksy who worked on the development of the initial system. It is the most popular dating site in the entire United States and has lived up to their promise to ensure you have more dates, relationships, and potential marriages than any other dating site. The company has offices in Dallas, San Francisco, Tokyo, West Hollywood, Rio de Janeiro, and Beijing. Adding to these facts, it is the most successful site for users looking for dates.

An interesting note, the original users were given a free lifetime charter membership for signing up in order to build their database for members to find compatible dates.

Match.com Statistics:

• It offers the largest user base for all singles.

• Monthly Visits – an impressive 13.5 million which has made them the most popular on the internet.

• Gender Ratio is 49%, Men and 51%, Women

Match.com has a 30-minute questionnaire that must be filled out and is broken down into 3 main categories and 9 subcategories. The main categories are:

• About Me

• About My Match

• In My Own Words

These categories have questions regarding your appearance, interests, background, and your lifestyle. They do allow you to bypass questions that you feel uncomfortable about answering.

You are given their “Daily 5” which offers 5 potential matches that are based on your similarities.

Here are some of the leading features:

What If I Don’t Find Someone During The First Six Months?

If you are not able to find someone special within the first 6 months of searching, you will receive an additional 6 months absolutely free!

Match.com has monthly memberships that are as follows:

• A 12-Month Membership is $20.99 each month.

• A 6-Month Membership is $23.99 each month.

• A 3-Month Membership is $26.99 each month

As you can see, the longer your membership, the less you pay. Also, their membership fees are extremely reasonable and affordable. You will not find a dating site that is this advanced at such great rates!

Their daily special is “Try Match.com FREE

Easy To Navigate And Use:

Even though Match.com has many features, it’s one of the easiest sites to navigate on the internet. Most of their pages are very easy to understand and are self-explanatory. If you have difficulties understanding the site, they provide an excellent Help Page to answer your questions.

Excellent Search Options:

You will quickly discover they have a variety of search options in order to find the best matches based on your most important criteria. Some of these options include keyword searches and custom-made searches based on different aspects including:

• Faith

• Education

• Ethnicity

• Height

Their Custom Searches will let you browse by users that are within your region and are online at the same time you are searching.

Their Reverse Matching allows you to search different profiles of users who are looking for someone with your specific qualities.

Their Mutual Matching provides users the opportunity to look for singles that have answered questions in the About My Match category that is similar to their own. This is an excellent option if you want exacting compatibility.

Another option is their Date Spark which offers a unique touch to searching. You can request a date and see who responds or you can respond to someone asking for a date that you are interested in.

Another excellent feature, they offer customer support by phone or email that many other dating sites do not have.

Match. Com – Pros And Cons:

The Pros:

• Offers a large varied user base.

• You receive suggested matches on a daily basis.

• There are multiple avenues for searching.

• They offer a 6-Month Guarantee that you will find someone special.

• You have the option to see who is online when you are.

• They have excellent customer service by phone.

• Finally, they have unique features including their mobile dating and live chat.

The Cons:

There are times you might not receive the Daily 5 Matches and it can be very time consuming going through all their choice features, and matches when searching.

In Conclusion:

There is no doubt that Match.com has a great deal to offer singles looking for casual dates or more significant relationships and they have very affordable rates. Their useful features and easy navigation are professionally laid out and also offer engaging success stories. This site will show you why Match.com is the most popular, successful dating site on the internet.

With a site that is located throughout the world and a team of dedicated people who will ensure the site is always safe, private, and is user-friendly, you can’t possibly go wrong.

If you are ready to try the best dating site, today you must get started on Match.com! You will be able to click-through and receive today’s exclusive offer!

We hope this review has helped you make a decision about Match.com and we would love to hear from you if you are a member of Match.com!


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Why EliteSingles.com Has Become The Chosen Dating Site For Professional Singles



EliteSingles.com is dedicated to providing their members the highest compatibility matches along with a safe and fun environment from beginning to end. More than 82% of their members have bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degrees. It is the largest and most popular dating site for professionals looking for long-term relationships.

A Nice Mattress, Nice Sheets & A Nice Partner: We Compare Dating Sites 4

EliteSingles.com is the largest most successful site catering to professional singles and makes dating fun. They located in 22 countries throughout Europe as well as in Chile and Mexico. They cater to both heterosexuals and homosexuals who are looking for serious commitments.

EliteSingles.com Statistics:

• The largest user base for all singles.

• Monthly Visits – an impressive 290,000 which has made them the most popular site for professional


• Gender Ratio of 43%, Men and 57%, Women

They offer a unique 5-Factor Personality Questionnaire, a secure Fraud Detection System, and Expert Profile Advice. More than 290,000 people visit EliteSingles.com every month and they have more than 18,000 new members every week.

You will get matches based on your preferences, location, and the answers you have provided on their 5-Factor Personality Questionnaire. The questionnaire includes characteristics, lifestyle, what you prefer in a partner, and hobbies.

Some of their leading features include:

Your searches can be sorted by many categories including Education, Ethnicity, Religion, Smoking, Drinking, Desire for Kids or Not, Age, and Height.

Have You Met:

This feature can provide you with recommendations that you did not see while searching on your own.

Wild Card Matches:

This is a plus for Premium Members. They will receive 20 extra matches each day.

Expert Profile Advice:

This category will help you put together a first-rate profile which is extremely important. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words and this section will see to it that you shine!

Some of their other features include:

Favorite Singles:

When you find members that are an interest, you can keep a log of them.


You can view who has read your profile and your messages.

Spam Protection:

People who are not looking for serious relationships or have become inactive, will be removed from the site.

Privacy And Safety:

This feature has ID Authentication, Manual Profile Verification, SSL Encryption, and their Fraud Detection Systems.

A Very Active Blog:

You will receive valuable dating and relationship tips from the best psychologists, the EliteSingles Team, and Industry Experts.

EliteSingles.com has monthly memberships that are as follows:

Join for 12-Months for $31.95 each month.

Join for 6-Months for $44.95 each month.

Join for 3-Months for $59.95 each month.

You can browse profiles for Free and there is always a Today’s Special Offer when you decide to sign up.


EliteSingles is as professional and its members including a simple sign-up to their easy to use interface. It offers an accurate matching system and their team is totally committed to your success.

Signing Up:

Signing up can take anywhere from a good amount of time to only a few minutes, depending on the details you want to include while filling out your profile and taking the Personality Assessment.

Once you have completed filling everything out, you will see tabs at the top of your dashboard that includes:

• Profile

• Messages

• Matches

These sections also have their own tabs including:

• Likes and Dislikes

• Favorites

• Messages Sent

• Screenshots of EliteSingles Partner Suggestions

• And so much more.

With its professional, clean layout and easy to read icons, EliteSingles is very easy to navigate around, making it a smooth experience.

Extremely Compatible Matches Delivered Directly To You:

All the hard work is done for you. EliteSingles has the best matching process for locating and suggesting compatible singles and will save your search preferences. You will also have an interactive map on the home page that will show local matches in your city or town. You will also have tips throughout the entire site that will help you improve your number of matches and increase your visibility.

Another excellent option is their exclusive singles events. You will meet people face-to-face who are successful professional singles.

Expert Support Is Available 24/7:

Their blog offers many detailed articles for advice, an extensive Help Page with many FAQs, and customer support is also available when you need them. EliteSingles has the best dating experience whether it’s their founders, development team, marketing people, or anyone else that will provide you the best support.

Founders Jeronimo Federico Folgueira Sanchez and Michael Schrezenmaier along with David Khalil, founder of the parent company Affinitas, believe that marketing has been screaming for a leading matchmaking service like EliteSingles that goes beyond everyone’s expectations.

They know that singles are fed up with sites that have no quality control for online dating. EliteSingles offers something new that is a safe place for singles to find each other.

The Pros Of EliteSingles.com:

• Free membership options and affordable subscription choices.

• Their detailed personality test offers accurate matching.

• Advanced Privacy and Safety tools.

• Customer Support is available by email, phone, or mail.

• Their Excellent is blog written by experts that provide singles with advice they can implement in their dating lives.

The Cons Of EliteSingles.com:

This is not a good site for those looking for casual dates or hookups.

In Conclusion:

EliteSingles.com is very unique and refreshing out of all the dating sites out there. You will find genuine dates who are looking for a long-lasting relationship and people that think like you. Their excellent, targeted user base, exacting matching system, apps, and website allows educated professionals to find the best singles that they will not find on any other dating site.

If you are ready to start online dating, you need to sign up with EliteSingles.com Today! You will be glad you did if you are looking for a serious long-term relationship and want to find the most compatible people to meet up with. They take their website very seriously and are committed to providing the very best service that goes beyond anyone’s expectations!

A Nice Mattress, Nice Sheets & A Nice Partner: We Compare Dating Sites 5



Dating is great when it works, and a waste of time when it doesn’t work. But, with the modern world changing the way it has been, you can now get around a lot of “not working” in dating by simply using modern dating options to guide you down the right path. From the very beginning, eHarmony has been one of the top options in online dating, leading the polls with great rankings, overall positive reviews and lots of satisfied customers.

Back in 1997, Dr. Neil Clark Warren created eHarmony after spending his career counselling and treating couples as a clinical psychologist. He realized that the traditional ways of dating were no longer as effective as they could be, leading him to take his professional experience and create the brand that eventually grew into the empire of eHarmony.

His theory was that people were leaving love and long-term relationships up to chance and luck, leading to a lot of unfulfilling relationships down the road in a lot of cases. So, he started crafting together a detailed questionnaire that took a look at a user’s core personality, making sure that the questions were perfectly tailored to help bring out the proper attributes that would mesh with other people’s attributes online who also did the questionnaire.

As time went on, that algorithm shifted and morphed, becoming more sophisticated and streamlined so that signing up and finding worthwhile matches was all the easier and faster for those who wanted to give it a try.

From it’s very beginning, eHarmony was focused specifically on user compatibility with other matches. Using the science behind lasting connections, this questionnaire was formed, refined, and perfected into a formula of sorts that allowed each user to match up with people who would be much more likely to work out long-term.

When meeting people in real life, you’d have to, essentially, win the lotto when it came to making sure that you could find the right person and actually make it work. This took the “lotto” part out of the equation entirely, and make it a profitable experience for everyone who needed it to work out without a struggle.

Popular amongst young adults, to established adults and beyond, this is considered one of the most intellectually-based dating websites in terms of getting matches that actually work out for longer than a few months The relationships that are started and continued last years, many of which will lead into marriages or common-law living situations.

Available in a variety of countries and kept affordable, eHarmony is professional, dependable and intended for lasting relationships. It has lived up to the hype and professionalism that Dr. Neil Clark Warren originally put into the design.

In terms of actual results, like any dating website, the results will vary. No matter how smart a computer algorithm is, there are always going to be people who can outsmart it and sneak into the system with the intention to cause harm. This is much the same as in real life, with questionable men and women “seducing” partners simply to use them for one reason or another.

In comparison to other dating websites, you’ll find that eHarmony is going to be the most thorough option, more because its focus is narrow. The goal in using this online dating option is to find your soulmate, and with the detailed questionnaire and subscription required to use it, it’s easy to see that this website is all about protecting your heart from a bad match and your safety by having a paid account that no one can access without a subscription.

While this is not the service that you’ll want to use when you’re looking for a hookup or a casual experience, it’s a great website that does its best to keep itself totally user friendly, eHarmony will limit the amount of matches that you get to make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed. This seems to be unique to this website and is great if you are looking to take things slowly and want to take the time to really check out your matches.

There’s a lot of competition out there to consider when you want to look at online dating, however eHarmony is one of the top options to seriously consider when you are looking at finding a reliable, professional and established platform to give online dating an honest try. It prioritizes safety, quality of experience, and you can easily use this platform to find a worthwhile match that is going to transform into something entirely memorable for both partners. The trick is to make sure that you’ve got the right plans for the future when you first go into setting up eHarmony. This way, the extensive questioning will be well worth it. A leader for all of the right reasons, eHarmony has a lot going for it as an online dating service.






You’ve seen the commercials for various kinds of online dating, but there is a difference between the different platforms out there. The trick to finding the right one is making sure that you know what you’re looking for and what, honestly speaking, you want to get out of it. Of the top modern dating websites, one of the brands on “the up and up” is OKCupid. This makes its own splash amongst the options mostly because it’s totally open in what you’re trying to do. There are no requirements or restrictions, it’s only goal is to simply connect people to each other and the rest is by your own rules.

The cornerstone for OKCupid is that they market towards the younger crowd. This is clear in the colour scheme, the wording and the choice for how they choose to actually market their dating options. OKCupid is find with everything that you’re looking for, be it a one-night-stand, a sham marriage, or a dedicated long-term friends-with-benefits thing. The whole point of using this platform is that you’re going to be opening yourself up to finding matches that are geographically close to save you the leg work.

One of the key components of OKCupid is that you are able to get this service for free. Yes, totally free. They also state that they have no intention of every changing this rule, so if you are on a tight budget and you want to try online dating, this is a great option to consider for that reason entirely. That being said, since it’s free and accessible, it’s also popular. There is a lot of “competition” on their platform and a lot of people with different personalities trying to get ahold of you. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that you need to be careful in how to you monitor and control your matches.

Like a lot of the modern dating websites, they use the same sorts of profile details, algorithms and personality traits to nudge you towards people who are looking for (in terms of their own formula) the same things that you are. They will protect you privacy and will work hard at updating their features so that your matches are the ones that you want to be seeing.

OKCupid wants you to make sure that you can access what you want, when you want it in terms of your end goal. You can choose your relationship option as a casual thing, and then change it later in terms of looking for a long-term relationship instead. The point is that you are going to be able to tweak your profile, expectations and more as your data and life changes.

This is one of the best options in terms of the fact that is thoroughly modern from start to finish, top to bottom. It’s all about reaching the young adults or even established adults. It isn’t the best option for those older men and women simply because all of its content is geared towards reaching a young and “cool” audience. It may scare away those who are looking for a website design and profile that are more conventional.

That’s not to say, however, that they are not to be taken seriously. OKCupid has had a lot of success with their customers and has a solid and dedicated following. It’s simply newer than a lot of the more conventional online dating options and, as such, caters to the younger market to draw in more interested customers.

One of the most impressive parts of relying on this as your online dating option is that it knows its audience so well. It always makes sure that everyone is welcome in terms of not judging on whatever it is that you are hoping to get out of the experience. This is unique to OKCupid and something to keep in mind.

For the modern dater, OKCupid has a lot to offer in the sheer amount of online users. You can get over 20 messages a day from this website and it’s great for playing the field and taking a serious look at who’s out there. For those that really want to open the flood gates and allow all sorts of messages into it, it’s the ideal option to really be able to rely on that diversity for all of the right reasons.

OKCupid is a great option to consider for all of your dating needs – both short and long-term – and has helped form many happy couples in the past. The question now is simply whether or not it’s going to be the right match for you to consider. Whether you thought a cool dating site was possible or not, OKCupid certainly delivers it all in a neat, free package so that it’s hard to consider going anywhere else for your dating needs.

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