King vs California King

Infographic king size: King vs California King
King Size 76″ x 80″


California King: King vs California King
California King  72″ wide x 84″ long

King vs. California King: Beds are perhaps the most permanent furniture in a family home, mostly for the masters of the house.

Therefore, knowing the proper bed size is essential when building or moving into a new home. Those with rather spacious sleeping quarters are better off with King Size beds. However, there are two types of King Size beds.

The Standard King Size and the California King Size.

So which one is the best?

King vs. California King Sizes In Feet and Inches               

(Width x Length)         Feet                Inches

King Size Mattress        6′.3″ x 6′.6″         76″ x 80″
California King             6′.0  x 7′.0          72″ x 84″

Square Feet 
King Size   41.58  square feet
Cal King    42       square feet

Difference: California King is longer but not as wide as the King Size

mattress sizes dimensions

(Width x Length)  For perspective, 75″ = 6 feet, 3 inches

They’re not that much different, but for some people, these subtle differences become important in the long run.

Size Of King Mattress

The standard King Size otherwise known as Eastern King measures 76” width by 80” length. There’s enough space for couples to sleep comfortably and can accommodate a third person, often a child. This bed is excellent for rooms with a minimum dimension of 12’ x 12’.

King Size is great for couples with different mattress preferences (firmer or softer) since King size beds can accommodate two Twin XL mattresses in case the partners’ tastes differ.

This is the primary advantage that King Size beds have over its variant, California King.

Size Of California King Mattress

California King size is also known as Western King. This type of bed is slightly longer and narrower than the standard King size at 72” width by 84” inches length.

This bed is suitable when at least one of the couples is quite tall or if the couple wants to accommodate a pet at the foot of the bed. Considering room dimensions, this bed would be perfect for longer and narrower rooms, but both standard and California will look okay in 12’ x 12’ rooms.

A major caveat of this type of bed is that it’s harder to accessorize with sheets and mattresses as they’re not as easy to come by compared to the standard King.

The narrower dimension takes away the option of having different Twin XL mattresses in case the couple’s mattress preferences differ.

With those in mind, the better preference would be the Standard King Size bed for most couples unless they need more legroom and can agree or compromise on a single top mattress.

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