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Egyptian Cotton Sheets – The Best Bed Sheets Ever?

What Is Egyptian Cotton?

When you head to your favorite designer shop to pick up a set of quality sheets, a lot of times you see the description of Egyptian cotton sheets and think okay, these are what I’m looking for, or Are Egyptian cotton sheets the best bed sheets?  

The price is lower than you’d expect, but not so low that it sets off any alarm bells.  The fabric feels smooth and supple like you’d expect, and the materials listing does say that it is made from Egyptian cotton. 

So, what more is there to know when it comes to picking up the right set of sheets?  A lot. 

Before you head to the store, make sure you understand what Egyptian sheets are and what you need to be looking for when it comes to potential knock-offs, even from reputable brands.

Is Egyptian Cotton The Best?

Long thought to be the best bed sheets, Egyptian cotton is high-end, superior quality cotton that weaves together to form a soft and long-lasting set of bed sheets for your bed of choice. 

But, what goes into the weaving process? 

When you bought Egyptian cotton back in the day, you only had to see the claim of Egyptian cotton, and you knew that it was authentic. 

This kind of cloth is what is commonly referred to as staples, and Egyptian cotton – the real type – creates the most protracted, best quality staples in the modern world for weaving into fabric. 

The longer the staples, the stronger and smoother the material will be, this will offer you supply, soft sheets that will last years and years and years without ripping or pulling or anything else like that.

What Are The Different Types of Egyptian Cotton?

You’ll see other luxury sheets on the market as being 100% Egyptian cotton, and that may very well be true.  Unfortunately, it would be an inferior brand of cotton, often referred to as upland cotton. 

Or, it contains some Egyptian-grown cotton, but it wouldn’t be the high-end quality cotton that you’re thinking of when you are putting your money down for the set of sheets that you believe you’re getting for a steal of a price.  More on that later.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets
Egyptian Cotton Percale Sheets From Clouden

What Are The Western Versions of Egyptian Cotton?

When you’re in the Western world, and you’re on the hunt for Egyptian cotton bed sheets, you can find quite a few options to choose from within the trademarked Supima’s label.  While this isn’t Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton is thought to be the absolute next best thing. 

This is because they grew from the same plant that creates the long-staple Egyptian cotton.

You can choose between the few finishes depending on your preferences, and you’ll often find that you are looking at percale vs. sateen, both of which offer superior quality.  Percale sheets are lighter and designed for sleepers who tend to overheat at night. 

They’re crisp and cool to the skin.  Sateen sheets are almost silky to the touch, and they tend to be a bit heavier on the surface for those that want a smooth experience in their sheet choice.  It’s a matter of preference in which one that you choose.

Luxor Linens
Egyptian Cotton Sheets From Luxor Linens

How Much Do Egyptian Cotton Sheets Cost?

When you get it in your head that you want to buy Egyptian cotton sheets, you should be prepared to pay for them.  While some may say that they’re selling Egyptian cotton sheets for something “reasonable” like $100-$200, don’t be fooled. 

These are the mentioned inferior options that have some Egyptian cotton or that use the cheaper, rougher American version of the cotton and will end up being a waste of money.

  Realistically speaking, you’ll have to be willing to pay upwards of $500 to be able to know that you are getting the luxurious cotton that you want.  In this case, these sheets would be more like a long-term investment.

Does Thread Count Matter?

Other than Egyptian cotton, thread count tends to be the other quality determining factor.  While thread count is important to know about, it isn’t as important as some people think.  The higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the sheets. 

But, when you’re looking at two sets of sheets, one of which is Egyptian cotton and what of which isn’t, which one would you choose?  That’s right, the second one. 

When you are shopping for sheets with a high thread count, and you’re in the market for Egyptian cotton sheets, you will find that you should look for somewhere between 250-600 thread count. 

When you see claims of over 1000 thread count, this is another sign that you’re looking at something that is certainly not legitimate.

Shopping for quality sheets is exciting and can be full of great finds and deals, but you should know what makes an excellent deal and what is “too good to be true” and will end up costing you a lot more than you would expect. 

Not sure whether you’re interested in Egyptian sheets? 

Well, there’s quite the debate going on specifically with Egyptian cotton vs. bamboo sheets that you may find appealing, and it may help you to determine which fabrics and which kinds of bedsheets will help you to find the comfort that you’re looking for in your sheet choices.

  There are many options, all of them offer luxury, it’s just about knowing what luxury means to you, your price range, and your need for the sheets.

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