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Bamboo Sheets

The sheets that you put on your bed to enjoy a quality of sleep play a role in how much you enjoy your sleep itself, whether you know that or not.  If you want to make sure that you are putting together the right kind of package for your sheet research, you know that not all sheets are made equal. 

So, what, exactly, should you be doing to make sure that you are getting quality sheets for your own enjoyment and to save yourself some money down the line? 

Take a look at bamboo sheets and see how they are going to work for your quality and comfort needs. This article will cover some background on bamboo sheets and leading up to our recommendations for the best bamboo sheets to buy today.

What are bamboo sheets?

Bamboo sheets
Bamboo Sheets – Nest Bedding

Bamboo bed sheets are sheets that are made from fibers of bamboo.  This is done by dissolving the bamboo fibers into a liquid and pushing them through tiny openings that will create the threads to form the weave.  Bamboo sheets are known for being soft and very cool on the skin, making them perfect for those who find themselves sweating overnight, or who want cool sheets in the summer season.

Like other sheets, bamboo sheets are determined with thread count, but it doesn’t necessarily match with other kinds of thread counts, so understanding how this different kind of thread count works is important.  There’s more on this later to help you determine how to choose the right sheets for you.

Purple’s Bamboo Sheets – Soft & Stretchy

What’s so great about bamboo sheets?

So, what’s so great about sleeping on tree fibers instead of going for warm and silky cotton that will be more authentic to traditional bed sheets?  The difference is in what they can offer to those who are looking for a good investment to their quality of sleep.  Some of the highlights include:

  • They’re healthy and natural: Since bamboo sheets are made from, well, bamboo, they are natural options that will offer healthy sleeping arrangements for those who get sick often, have compromised immune systems, or other health conditions.  The natural ingredients are also recommended for those who want to stay as natural as possible in their material choice.
  • They’re comfortable and cool: Bamboo sheets are very comfortable and cool on the skin, allowing for a luxurious sleeping experience for those who have sensitive skin or are focused on a smooth sheet that will feel good all night long.  The best bamboo sheets will also have great moisture-wicking and will keep you cool overnight as well.  This is why so many people like them live in hot climates.  They’re durable sheets and repel as much heat as possible.
  • They are long-lasting and great for kids: These durable sheets offer a long life span which makes them perfect for those who want to invest their money in sheets that will keep you happy for years and years.  When it comes to kids, this is especially important.  The strong, sheet-long threads and fibers will keep the sheet stronger than anything else you’ve ever had.  Kids will also benefit from these healthy, mite and disease-resistant sheets which is especially helpful for those with allergies.
Brooklyn Bedding Sheets Packaging
Packaged Bamboo Sheets – Brooklyn Bedding

What should I know before buying bamboo sheets?

When you’re looking to shop for bamboo sheets, you need to remember that they are created and designed differently than most types of sheets, which means that you will need to focus on different properties when you are in the shops.

Firstly, always read the label when you are looking at so-called bamboo sheets.  The real ones that will give you the quality that you’re looking for are going to be made from bamboo rayon or viscose, bamboo linen, or bamboo lyocell.

  These are all good examples of bamboo sheets that you can trust. 

If you are focused on being as eco-friendly as possible, the latter two types of sheets are going to be made using an earth-friendly liquifying process, so make sure that you know what your priorities are when you head out.

Also, make sure that you are focusing on the materials in the percentage of bamboo that is used. 

When you see that it’s 40% bamboo and 60% blended materials, this means that – like a lot of inferior options – you are getting ripped off.  Know your number and know the prices you should be expecting. 

This will help you determine which ones to trust.

Is thread count a thing to use to shop?

Unlike traditional cotton or silk sheets, thread count doesn’t have as much of a role to play when you’re looking at the options on the shelf.  You may be asking yourself: “Are bamboo sheets any good?” but we assure you that they are, in fact, excellent.  It all comes down to focusing on what thread count really guarantees you when shopping.

When you see higher thread counts in sheets, it implies that they’re softer and silkier.  With bamboo sheets, it means that it will be a tighter weave, but this could mean that the sheets themselves are a bit rougher than the lower thread counts. 

That’s not to say that they are inferior, as they’ll be durable and stronger than anything, but it comes down to personal preference.

Egyptian cotton vs. bamboo sheets

The big debate in the bedsheet business is that with Egyptian cotton vs bamboo sheets.  The question is often which one is better.  However, the reality is that both sheets are great quality and offer different perks.  It comes down to understanding what your perks are and making sure that you are choosing the sheets that are going to meet your own definition of comfort as well as design quality.  Which core fabric you choose is entirely up to your own preferences and tastes.

Best Bamboo Sheets To Buy? 
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