Chronic Pain & The Importance of Sleep

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Chronic Pain Over 100 hundred years ago, Felix Hoffman produced a painkiller known as aspirin, and since then, there are literally hundreds of painkillers on the market that people use to get relief.  Although most of these drugs are good at relieving pain, there is also the potential for serious side effects, especially if taken … Read more

What Are The 5 Stages Of Sleep?

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There are five known stages in the sleep cycle. What are the 5 stages of sleep? And since there are stages, what is the deepest stage of sleep? How long is each sleep stage? What happens during each sleep stage?

Helix Mattress Reviews

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Why Buy A Helix Mattress? – ColorMatch Technology – Variable Firmness, this means each sleeping partner can choose the firmness level they want because there can be two levels, medium firmness for one sleeper and firm for the other sleeper on the bed – Hybrid Mattress Design – Sleep Cool Welcome to our Helix mattress … Read more